What is Audax?

London Wales London is an audax ride and audax rides are different.

There are no headline sponsors, no goodie bags, no numbers, no gold standard times, no pretending at the finish to have looked into the jaws of hell and survived.

It’s cycling at its simplest; it’s about distance at a sensible pace with good company.

At the end all you have are great stories, a Strava track and memories of taking on a tough challenge in a spirit of companionship, community, understated achievement and mutual encouragement.

Riders support themselves; there are no broom wagons and there are legendary tales about resourceful cyclists managing to finish despite broken frames and outrageous odds.  However most of us only ever have to face the occasional puncture; when you see another rider in trouble you stop to offer at least moral support.

Pic Gavin Peacock

Volunteers all over the country organise events that vary in length from 100 to 600km and even more.

And 2019 will see the  four yearly running of  Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), the legendary 90 hour 1,200 km ride that predates the Tour De France.  LWL19 will be one of the qualifying rides for the PBP which should be on every cyclist’s bucket list.


Rides are not created to generate profits; when a surplus is made it is most likely to be donated to a local charity or used to bolster club funds.

Entrants ride at a maximum speed of 30kph and a minimum of 15kph including stops.  For a detailed explanation of this audax out this page from Cambridge Audax  Or this from the mighty Westerly CC.

Audax rides follow a suggested route, checking in at prescribed points; on London Wales London, riders will check in at:

  • Woodstock
  • Tewkesbury
  • Walford (Gloucestershire)
  • Chepstow
  • Lambourn
  • Henley
Brevet card – Pic Gavin Peacock

Completing an audax, like London Wales London, brings few rewards or badges, it earns you the personal satisfaction that you have taken on an endurance challenge like no other.

More on audax

When they’re not riding, audaxers can’t seem to stop telling their stories.

Some inspiring reading can be found at:

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Main picture credit Matthew Scholes