The bare bones version – for people who like an adventure – 2 June

In PBP years we run a no-frills version of London Wales London.

Starting on Friday 2 June, at 6pm from near Rickmansworth (just outside London), it appeals to people who like a night ride and who are not worried about the total absence of refuelling stops in the small hours of the night.

The night time glow of a petrol station awaits

We originally offered the ride for people who still needed a qualifying 400km for their Paris Brest Paris campaigns. But we seem to have attracted a lot of riders who love the solitude of a night ride and to finish with a beer!

It’s the same route as the classic LWL but the Friday evening start means you’ll be hitting Tewkesbury around midnight. Between there and Chepstow, the roads are quiet and the towns deserted until morning; if you need to fuel up you’ll need to rely on churchyard taps or detours to Gloucester or Ross on Wye.

And if you need a train home, you’ll have a long wait.

But, you’ll be coming home to a hero’s welcome at Rickmansworth. You’ll be turning up at the brewery around the same time as finishers on the 200km Tour de Ricky who will doubtless marvel at your tales of daring do and being chased by gamekeepers across starlit fields.

There is no limit on the number of entries and you’ll barely even get a civil send off on 2 June.

If you like a bit of an adventure or just need a qualifying 400km ride to get you on the start line in Paris, this could be the 2023 ride for you.